Building In Grand Haven A Great Experience

Olsen Custom Home Under Construction Grand Haven Palm CoastThere is nothing like owning a brand new home. However, having a new home built from scratch is different than buying an existing home. The construction process involves many steps, decisions and several months from contract to move in. But with a top-tier builder and team of quality contractors and helpful agents to assist along the way it can be a great experience.

Grand Haven Realty, the onsite real estate brokerage at Grand Haven in Palm Coast, manages the builder program for the community. The agents also work with buyers and builders, and the brokerage management team keeps a close watch on the program requirements to help ensure a satisfying outcome for all. Grand Haven Realty recently began a Builder Satisfaction Survey Program to get feedback from new residents who have homes built.  Responses so far have been very positive.  Here are the key findings from the survey:

Grand Haven Buyer Survey Overall SatisfactionOverall, how satisfied are you with your builder and this experience of building a new home?
95% Answered being satisfied withe their builder.

How professional was the builder in your dealings with them overall?
75% Answered Very Professional or Totally Professional.

How satisfied were you with the builder team in their responsiveness to special orders, change requests or any other special needs you had during the construction process?
75% Answered Very Satisfied or Totally Satisfied.

How would you rate the builder’s customer service overall?
75% Answered Excellent

Did the builder meet the proposed construction schedule and complete your home in an acceptable time-frame?
100% Answered On Time

Would you recommend the builder to others interested in building a home?
92% Answered Yes

Here are a few of the comments residents shared about their experience:

Olsen Custom Homes Buyer
“Olsen Custom Homes was a professional and pleasurable experience. We were new to the home building experience and originally did not want to pursue this. We are currently out of state and would not be on site during the process. We had to rely a great deal on reports and observations, recommendations and suggestions Olsen provided us in the many decisions required during the build process. Olsen again on this front was outstanding. Eric personally was extremely responsive to all our questions and concerns. We truly felt that our best friend was building our dream home. We are now only a few months away from permanent residency in Grand Haven!”

Skyway Construction Buyer
Great experience even though we were 1,100 miles away during the process.

ICI Buyer
ICI greatly exceeded our expectations. Having built several homes in the past we had reservations building long distance via email however our experience was truly wonderful. What few issues we had were fixed shortly after move in. Their pricing was extremely fair. I would gladly refer them to a close friend or family member.

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